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make lasting impact with your content



We take a fresh approach to help you deliver compelling content, with purpose. 

We have over twenty years global experience in the wonderful world of live events, content strategy, social media and editorial planning,

We believe great storytelling, with extraordinary content at the core 

  can have transformative power for your brand's digital experience and in-person events 

Optimism, collaboration and quality 

define our behaviour in helping you reach your goals.

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We don’t believe in ‘off the shelf’ solutions –instead we create bespoke strategies and plans to reach our client’s goals.  


You might not need each of the below elements in equal amounts but when you bring them together, they should sing: 



Event & Digital Content Strategy

A well-thought out content strategy is a game-changer.  We’ll start by listening to your vision, reviewing your strategic business objectives and understanding your audience needs. 


We’ll create a content strategy which aligns with your strategic direction and provides a roadmap for meeting your objectives.   Whether you need a clear content strategy for your events or online content or an overarching strategy to connect both - we will help refine your story and join the internal dots, so that externally you have a narrative that is consistent, purposeful and engaging. 





Event & Digital Content Planning 

Too much content, too many themes, on multiple channels and platforms, with no obvious plan...sound familiar? 

A good content plan will transform your content strategy into tangible results. 

We can help you to form your editorial content and content marketing plan and calendar across multiple online channels including podcasts, webinars and social media platforms, as well as live event formats including conferences, awards and summits. 



Digital & Event Content Creation

Our passion for connecting people, stories and memorable experiences will bring a fresh energy to your content programmes.  


Whether you are looking to reposition your brand in the market, launch a new event, or transform your event into something more relevant and dynamic - we’ll listen to your objectives and produce exceptional content which makes waves.


We can work with you on:

Live events:

From awards and conferences to virtual events, and everything in between, we can help you with:


  • Theme development

  • Topic research and validation  

  • Editorial programme development

  • Conference production 

  • Speaker, host & talent acquisition


Social media campaigns

 Everything from project management, community management, influencer management, scheduling and reporting.



We’ll find the right words, to tell a compelling story to engage audiences




Working Together

We're passionate about innovation, collaboration and lateral thinking.  Here’s how we can start working together: 


Let’s have a chat, in person or virtually to talk  through your needs and goals



We’ll send you a proposal to outline the objectives, timescale and costs 



Based on your needs, we’ll tweak the proposal to ensure it meets your expectations and objectives, 



With an agreed plan in place, let’s work together! We’ll provide regular updates and feedback to ensure the project is a success   


or call on

+44 (0) 780 393 6275 


Working Together

Case studies and feedback

Since we established in July 2019, we have been working with top brands across a wide range of sectors, including finance, media, technology and transport: 



Case studies and feedback

Russell Publishing

The background

Russell Publishing runs a number of annual events under each of its successful transport and food publications.  Their events have been long-established however, they were totally disconnected from the magazines and vice versa.  What’s more, internally there was little interaction between the editorial and event production teams.  

The objective

Purple Ripple was brought in to work with the team and develop an overarching content plan to reposition the annual events as ‘flagship’ events for the publications and solidify the brands as “thought leaders” in their field.

The approach 

  • Work with the Editorial team to get buy-in and engage with events collaboratively

  • Creation of a content calendar with a narrative for each brand, leveraging event content and speakers 

  • Creation of a content marketing schedule to improve quality of marketing output 

  • Devise a roadmap for event content including recommended themes, formats, distribution channels for target audiences

  • Plan strategies for reusing and repurposing 2019 content for the run-up to the future events


The outcome

Purple Ripple delivered Russell Publishing a strategy that it was able to implement quickly and efficiently using existing resources, and that had an immediate impact on the success of its content and marketing efforts.  The content strategy provided a framework, created by Purple Ripple with which the company can continue to build and advance its content marketing efforts around this and other strategic events.


“Jaisica worked with us on a consultancy project over a three month period during which time she added value to the business and utilised her expertise to help improve aspects of our content strategy. Jaisica was professional and engaging throughout her contract and collaborated effectively with multiple stakeholders. 


"Jaisica helped implement an effective pre-event content strategy to align the content offering of the event; this was done by compiling content with the editors from key speakers and leveraging it across the wider brand through channels such as reports, webinars, interviews etc. Jaisica also contributed to the shape of our Intelligent Transport Conference procuring some quality speakers for the event which were well received by the sector.


We would recommend Jaisica for similar projects or tasks where she can utilise her extensive strategic content experience.”

Josh Russell, CEO, Russell Publishing


About the Founder

Jaisica Lapsiwala, Founder, Purple Ripple

Jaisica has two decades of experience in digital and live-event content. She has worked at world-class brands including Informa, Retail Week, IBC and The Telegraph.

She is also the Co-Founder of Soho Media Club, a networking club for media professionals.


Jaisica has a track record of successfully transforming, scaling and launching new products including large-scale conferences; invite-only summits; fringe events; awards and networking forums.


Armed with heaps of experience in creating, managing and delivering global content strategies and campaigns across multiple channels including live events, social media, print and in-house TV, Jaisica is skilled at bridging the gap between digital and live event content and working collaboratively with editors to create structured media campaigns. 


She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and launched the D&I initiative at IBC and regularly speaks on panels on this subject.  Her focus is on empowering individuals and organisations no matter their background, status or gender to be the best version of themselves.

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About the Founder


or call on

+44 (0) 780 393 6275 

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